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  • The Computer Corner Take II or CCII

    After a ten year break, I am back writing the Computer Corner again. The articles are just as fun filled and interesting as before, but without the limits of the printed medium. So follow again my exploits of dealing with all things computerized.

      • Computer Corner II #42 Latest updates on Corner and using Raspberry PI camera, plus comments.

      • Computer Corner II #41 BOBZ DACS and Beer making or how to keep a fermenter at the right temperature using TEC1 devices.

      • Computer Corner II #40 Catching Up - or what have I been doing for the last two years and more (01/2017).

      • Computer Corner II #39 Win8.1 and Linux. How to do a dual boot using UEFI and Linux. Some notes on Win10 upgrade (11/2015).

      • Computer Corner II #38 Linux 102 - update and additional information on using and understanding Linux. Add on from the original Linux 101. 10/2014 Added security update information.

      • Computer Corner II #37 QST Article Emails - responses from the Sept. 2014 QST XP/Linux Article "XP to Linux: The "Why" for Hams". Answers to email questions and more.

      • Computer Corner II #36 Programming for the BOBZ DACS - How-To on using perl for data logging. First of three articles on using the DACS for data collection and control.

      • Computer Corner II #35 Windows XP Options - True review of Options for XP users. Provides lists of options and possible choices for XP users faced with an OLD system and no support.

      • Computer Corner II #34 Windows XP to Linux - Group Upgrade How-To for those wanting to do a club XP to Linux install session.

      • Computer Corner II #33 Windows XP to Linux - The Basic steps to installing Linux and a few problems XP users might find.

      • Computer Corner II #32 The How and Why of Debian Stable. Some tips and How-To steps for installing debian stable from small CDrom, that was made in CCII 31. Some follow on instructions for what to do after first boot of Linux.

      • Computer Corner II #31 Building your own distro, step by step. The steps I followed to build the example ARRL Handbook Distribution.

      • Computer Corner II #30 Ham Radio, ARRL, and a Liunx Distro. Why the ARRL needs to select and ship a linux distro with their Handbook.

      • Computer Corner II #29 Harbor Freight Solar system Powering BeagleBone and More. What you get and how it works.

      • Computer Corner II #28 Windows8 - NO, Linux - YES - some help in moving from the latest windows disaster to linux for good. Step by step advice.

      • Computer Corner II #27 BeagleBoneBlack (BBB) and More - latest about the new Black version, comparing it to RPi, gforth install, and booting from NFS.

      • Computer Corner II #26 Intel D2700MUD with Problems - or in short don't buy the D2700 if you want graphics. The D2700 has serious problems and Intel says use only as 32bit.

      • Computer Corner II #25 Ponderings and Decisions - switching to the ATOM and going to Intel for solutions. Same price as ARM but better solutions for little more power usage.

      • Computer Corner II #24 BeagleBone, protos, serial, and Myforth. Some rants, thoughts, and guidance for using serial converters, proto boards, gforth, and MyForth.

      • Computer Corner II #23 BeagleBone - the hardware report. Coverage of how to talk to the hardware on the BeagleBone.

      • Computer Corner II #22 BeagleBone - the startup report. Problems encountered in trying to get Debian to work and ending up with a Arch/Debian mix that worked.

      • Computer Corner II #21 BeagleBone - START HERE. List of important facts to know and understand before you start playing with your new toy.

      • Computer Corner II #20 - Updates on Netbooks, Tablets, and Problems - Some recent problems and fixes.

      • Computer Corner II #19 - GIT - Vesion Control 101 part II - Creating the Myforth git repository, step-by-step.

      • Computer Corner II #18 - GIT - Vesion Control 101 part I - or the "Why" and "What For" of version control with git and svn discussion.

      • Computer Corner II #17 - Some Answers on Netbooks, Tablets, and SD devices. Answering questions from the netbook and tablet work.

      • Computer Corner II #16 - The Gnome Flytouch (epad) WM8505 Tablet. Follow on from the netbook work.

      • Computer Corner II #15 - Building a custom data collecting system using SiLabs dev boards. Follow on from the netbook work.

      • Computer Corner II #14 - How to setup a remote site for data collection and web page generation of collected data using Debian on Sylvania Netbook.

      • Computer Corner II #13 - Sylvania Netbook SYNET07526-R - a $99 WM8505 server with 3 USB, ethernet, wifi, keyboard and monitor. Specs and how to load linux.

      • Computer Corner II #12 - Weather, WIZ110SR, RFXcom, WS2300, or getting temperature readings remotely from a far and over the net.

      • Computer Corner II #11 - The Hitachi SimpleNET NAS as an embedded dev system - first steps. A review of the product and how to hack into the uboot on the system. It is a STAR/CNS2132/8132 cpu with 32MB of DDR ram and two USB Host ports.

      • Computer Corner II #10 - My last two months scanning issues of TCJ - discussion about the new 81 issues of The Computer Journal as PDF files.

      • Computer Corner II #9 - My next attempt after realizing the NGW100 will not work for my projects, or selecting the olimex LPC2468.

      • Computer Corner II #8 - Working with the Atmel NGW100 buildroot- or how to create your own special version of linux for NGW100.

      • Computer Corner II #7 - Working with the Atmel NGW100 - the missing documents and more. Some helpful hints and commands to get you started and over a few bumps in the road.

      • Computer Corner II #6 - Atmel ngw100 as an embedded server - the good and the bad. Finding a cheap embedded board for several embedded projects.

      • Computer Corner II #5 - Solar air collection and using LAMP to monitor and display your data.

      • Computer Corner II #4 - Forth in embedded - or Why forth is still valid after all these years. A quick explanation of why and how it works.

      • Computer Corner II #3 - Linux 101 - or my lecture notes for Linux for Windows Users - first class overview and important points. Some non-standard concepts about Linux vs Windows. A quick get started review.

      • Computer Corner II #2 - Web Design 101 - or my lecture notes for Intro to Web Design - first class overview and important points. Such as, doing web pages and why I keep it simple - it is all about information - not about showing off your computing skills!

      • Computer Corner II #1 - The rise and fall of TCJ - The Computer Journal and my take of a past endeavor as I reprise my Computer Corner for a second time.

      • TCJ articles - A listing of my articles from TCJ with some links to on-line copies.

      • BY REQUEST - I have uploaded two tar files that contain old CP/M files from a couple of sources. The largest is from Germany and represents several groups of systems, from the amstrad to C128 and more. germ.tar is a 75MB tar file that has a wide range of very old files that were given to me while doing TCJ. Several of our writers at the time were using the site where the files came from to distribute their work. The file sbkug.tar is a 15MB tar file of the South Bay Kaypro Users Groups disk archive. It contains most of the Kaypro user disks with lots of CP/M files, utilties, and code. I still get requests for CP/M support files and at present this represents my archives avialable for downloading.

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