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    • 1/82-2/96
    • Archive for "The COMPUTER JOURNAL"

      • A Bi-Monthly magazine that supported classic computer systems. Over 14 years of articles on hardware and software. Articles detailed actual projects and information to assist in the generation of home grown hands on projects to control and increase ones knowledge of computer systems. Bill Kibler started writing for TCJ with issue #5 and acquired ownership of the magazine in June 1992, transferred ownership to Dave Baldwin, Dec. 31, 1995. Currently TCJ operations are suspended.
      • Below are links to pdf copies of the complete set of issues released over a 14 year period. Copyrights are retained by the various authors and reproduction or inclusion of any material is not authorized in any way. The issues are presented here for personal use only, and all commercial uses are reserved. Copying to other web site is prohibited, however links to this web site are encouraged.
      • The pdf files are made from an orginal collection of issues as well as some reproductions that were sold as collections of early issues. No orginal issues are available for sale - these pdf files represent the last complete archive of The Computer Journal. Over time all remaining files associated with producing the magazine will be loaded here, as they are recovered from eight and 5 inch medium.

    Problem with adobe reader

    I was informed that issues 50 to 64 are unreadable by some viewers, and thus discovered that those pdfs had the page size at 200in. If you encountered this problem, a quick solution is not downloading again, but doing this using vi:
    that will globally replace the incorrect values with the smaller correct values. All pdf's are now fixed using the above step!

    The Computer Journal

    In 1985 I was also the editor/publisher of "Push and Pop" the newsletter for our local computer group - Sacramento Microcomputer Users Group - SMUG. In May 1985 we celebrated our Tenth Year as a User Group. I published a "10th Anniversary Issue" to comment on the anniversary and a special event celebrating our Tenth. We invited some big names in computing at the time for an all day event. For the special issue I copied some of the pivotal pages from other magazines that started it all in 1975. There is also a time line feature of what happened during the past ten years. All in all it was a fun issue and I have provided it here for your enjoyment.

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